VLA (Flooded) and VRLA batteries both need a consistent and comprehensive battery maintenance program in order to achieve the highest level of dependability and performance.

IEEE has published standards (450 and 1188) for maintaining each type of battery and these are followed in detail by our technicians. We tailor each solution to best fit the customer and the equipment being maintained.

We perform a variety of tests and inspections and follow up our site visits with a detailed inspection report that will include our measurements, findings and recommendations.

  • Visual Inspection - Checking jars for bulging, leaks or damage of any kind, cleaning, checking and filling electrolyte levels if required, cleaning and neutralizing acid.
  • Measurements — Including specific gravity, ambient temperature, elec-trolyte temperature, individual cell/jar voltage and overall voltage, indi-vidual cell/jar resistance, and intercell/inter-tier connection resistances.
  • Reporting — Visual inspection notes and measurements are recorded and presented in a full report that will prove invaluable in identifying and solving problems with your critical power system before they can result in a load loss.

By analyzing these reports over time, you can recognize tell-tale signs of a weak or failing battery and begin a proactive battery replacement policy. Increasing resistance values in cells are a very good predictor of a battery's declining health. Being able to access and trend this data with the reports generated by Real Power, Inc. provides a customer with another vital tool to help guard against load loss.