Alber UXTM, Universal Xplorer Battery Monitor

The Universal Xplorer Battery Monitor (UXTM) is a real time battery monitor designed for use in telecommunications or in DC powered data centers. The UXTM lets you automate the IEEE recommended practices for battery maintenance and testing. The system can monitor up to four strings in parallel. Its robust design will monitor any 24V to 48V battery configuration. Multiple remote communications and alarm options let you stay connected with Web enabled technology.

Monitor Critical Parameters Real Time
- Overall string voltage.
- Individual cell/block voltages.
- Individual cell/block temperatures.
- Ambient temperature.
- Discharge, float and ripple current.
- Records and stores discharge events.

Proactive Battery State of Health Testing
- Tests the entire battery systems integrity.
- Internal cell/block resistance test.
- Intercell and intertier connection resistance test.

Stand Alone System
The Universal Xplorer Battery Monitor is a stand alone system. No on-site computer is required for monitoring and alarming. It easily integrates to building management systems and features an embedded Web server with priority email scheduler, 7x24 data collection, analysis, and remote alarm notification. Alber is about integrity, reliability and product innovation. It is our experience and proven technology that makes the difference between unexpected failure and continued success!

Alber UXTM

Alber UXTM

Alber BDS-40 Battery Diagnostic System

Easy to Install
Designed and optimized for UPS battery cabinets, the BDS-40 is the perfect choice. With the monitor mounted on top of the cabinet and custom cables with each connection point identified to battery, installation is quick and easy.

Easy to Configure
Each BDS-40 unit monitors all batteries in one cabinet. Two different units are available. The Base Unit is the central point where power and communication connections are made. Each additional battery cabinet in the system then uses a Plus Unit, which transfers data to the Base Unit for alarm and data storage. Each Base Unit can manage up to five Plus Units, for a total of six battery cabinets. Choose an internal network card and/or a dial-up modem as standard.

Easy to Use
Alber's BDS-40 makes hard-to-interpret data easily understandable. Programmed thresholds flag problem batteries by making bar graphs turn red, triggering alarms and distributing alerts via email as soon as abnormal conditions are detected. The report has built-in decision support that analyzes data and provides suggestions for the best cause of action.

Early Warning for Battery Problems
The BDS-40 uses a patented internal DC resistance test method that bypasses the limitations of AC based impedance testing. Like an ultrasound for a battery, Alber technology lets you "look inside" and assess the battery's true state of health. It tests the condition of each module by performing a proactive resistance test - the most reliable indicator of battery performance. Because it's important to detect deterioration at an early stage to prevent catastrophic failures when dealing with 12 volt sealed batteries, measurement technology is the most important consideration when selecting a monitor. Other battery monitors' internal ohmic readings become inconsistent as the UPS load varies because of variations in AC ripple on the battery. The Alber DC resistance test method is not affected by ripple and thus provides data that is repeatable and reflects the true condition of the battery.

Optimizing Useful Battery Life
Sealed batteries are also sensitive to temperature and float voltage settings, and battery life can be extended by optimizing these. The BDS-40 monitors these conditions and continuously provides you with information that allows for considerable cost savings by optimizing useful battery life. Instead of waiting for an inevitable failure or replacing batteries prematurely, you can continue to use your battery longer and with confidence by knowing its true condition.

Alber BDS-40

Alber BDS-40